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There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.

Jesse Livermore
Core Spreads
Up to 20.00%
  • 10% Deposit Bonus up to £10,000

Core Spreads keep overheads low – with minimal marketing, no content creation, a streamlined platform without lots of nice-to-haves that are costly to provide – and they share the savings with customers.

Core Spreads offer an industry-leading platform – fast, secure, multi-channel – that gives you access to thousands of markets. Try the one-click demo for yourself. There are a few things Core Spreads don’t offer, though: news, analysis, tutorials – all the ‘free’ stuff and gimmicks that get in the way of focused trading. They are deliberate omissions, designed to create a better trading environment for you.



Forex = 20% of Gross Spread

Indices = 20% of Gross Spread

Commodities = 20% of Gross Spread

Equities = 20% of Spread Commissions (charges added to underlying market spread)

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