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There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.

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Ayondo Markets
Up to 16.50%
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Ayondo Markets (formerly called Gekko Markets) is a unique, high quality financial services company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to investment and trading clients. Financial markets in the UK, across Europe and throughout the world are undergoing unprecedented levels of change and Ayondo is creating and acquiring hi-tech solutions to empower and satisfy the self-directed investment needs and wants of its clients.

Social Trading: Ayondo's Next Generation Social Trading technology gives you the ability to follow other successful traders, or start a Trading Career that will earn you additional income from traders who follow you.

Follow Other Traders: Ayondo's following technology lets you follow and copy the actions of expert 'Top Traders' automatically. Advance tools are available to research the traders you wish to follow, and build your own unique portfolio of up to 5 Top Traders in just a few clicks.

Start a 'Trading Career': with Ayondo Social Trading you can become a 'Top Trader' yourself, and get paid on trades when others 'follow' you. In addition to the Cashback paid to you by SpreadCashback, Ayondo Markets will pay you between $1 - $5 per Lot depending on your 'Trading Career Level', for anyone who follows your trades on a real money account.



Forex = 20% of Net Spread

Indices = 20% of Net Spread

Commodities = 20% of Net Spread

Equities = 20% of Net Spread


*Note: Net Spread = Full Product Spread minus the Underlying Market Spread. 

*Cashback Example: Where EUR/USD spread is 3 points, and the underlying market spread is 0.5, clients will receive (3 - 0.5 pts * 20% = 0.5 pts, or 16.50% gross spread).

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